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This group picture was taken during the "Introspective" cd release party, April 21, 2000, at the Van Dyck in Schenectady, NY. "The Last Word" performers, from left to right: Dan Dobek, Pat Georger, Chuck D'Aloia, Alex Acuna, Reggie Evans (below), Othello Molineaux, Jack Kulp, Kenwood Dennard and Rich Lamanna. Click on the faces to link to the artist's websites.

I want to personally thank Alex Acuna, Kenwood Dennard, Othello Molineaux and all the rest of the guys for traveling from all corners of the U.S., (Los Angeles, Miami, Boston and Buffalo), to make this performance a reality. It was an inspiring night for everyone both onstage and off and a night I, for one, will never forget.