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Musicians Pages

Jaco Pastorius - Jaco did for the electric bass what Charlie Parker did for the saxophone. Influential member of the famous group "Weather Report", this posthumous musician's website is a treasure.

Kenwood Dennard - Drummer extraordinaire, Kenwood has performed with and impressive array of musicians including Miles Davis, John McLaughlin, Herbie Hancock, George Benson etc...

Alex Acuna - Legendary latin percussionist and drummer, Alex is an inspirational musician who has had a major influence in latin and jazz music. He has performed with a variety of venues including "Weather Report", Pablo Casals, U2, Paul McCartney, etc... 

Dan Dobek - Dan in my opinion is probably the Capital Districts most gifted jazz or otherwise pianists. Check out his performance of Giant Steps on my CD "Introspective".

Jazz Sites

A Place For Jazz - An organization directed by the posthumous Butch Conn which sponsors many jazz related programs and concerts. This site is chock full of information concerning local and regional concerts, links to other jazz musicians, workshops and clinics, etc..

Unofficial Italian Joe Zawinul Site - After performing with Miles Davis, Joe went on with Wayne Shorter to form the legendary and influential group "Weather Report". His gifts as a composer and musician are still impressive as he continues to create new music. This site is maintained by Marco Peretti and contains extensive information regarding Joe's career.

Jazz Valley - A site which reviews artists, lists upcoming festivals and concerts in Europe as well as the US. You can also shop for music on this interesting site, as long as you can read French :-)

Albany Jazz - The Capital District's number one source for Jazz in and around town, with links to musicians, concert reviews, cd reviews, venues, etc...