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Rich --

Yes, I did receive your cd and had a chance to check it out. Overall,
I'd say it's very good. Your playing is strong and there's definitely
the spirit of Jaco creeping through in Jack Kulp's playing. I wouldn't
have opened the cd with "You Just Left," which for me isn't nearly as
strong of a first impression as "Morning." And think you might've
considered something a bit more evocative/provocative in terms of cover
art. But it's a good outing indeed. And nice to hear Kenwood and Othello
playing together again. I especially liked the arrangement of "Giant
Steps." Meanwhile, congratulations on pulling off your own project. It's really
got a strong vibe to it.

Best regards,

Bill Milkowski

Bill Milkowski is a New York-based freelancer who contributes regularly to
Jazz Times, Modern Drummer, Guitar Player, Bass Player, Jazziz, Audio, Pulse
Guitar Club (Italy), Jazzthing (Germany) and (until its recent demise) Fi
magazines. He has written more than 4,000 articles for these and various
other magazines since publishing his first article as a freelancer in 1974
and has penned more than 250 sets of liner notes to date. He is also the
author of "Rockers, Jazzbos & Visionaries" (Billboard Books, 1999) and
"JACO: The Extraordinary Life And Times Of Jaco Pastorius" (Miller Freeman
Books, 1995), which is being made into a feature film by Blue Rider Pictures
out of Santa Monica, California.

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