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Morning the 2nd track on my cd Introspective has been selected for inclusion on the upcoming edition of Jazz Improv® Magazine Jazz Improvisation Directory  - Music & Ideas For Jazz Lovers. It will be reproduced on their promotional companion compact disc, in Volume 2, Number 4, which will feature Wes Montgomery on the cover. This selection was based on  merit.

Introspective is mentioned on Tom Stroud's website. It is listed on the Jaco Pastorius Discography page under the Tributes section. Click on Jaco's hand's to read it.

Here's what Tom had to say about Introspective: "Very nice music.. "JacoPastOverUs" has some cool grooves and rhythms, but it's not cliché Jaco, like a tribute song could easily be -- so that's a good thing... The real gem, for my tastes, is "Morning", the 2nd track ... very cool writing!"

Peter La Barbera on Introspective. "If I could have the "Last Word," it would be: lets hear more from this wonderful group. They are contemporary, without the heavy syrup, and should have a wide and popular appeal to a good sized audience." Click on the underlined text to read more.