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Rich Lamanna, of The Last Word here. 

Views is my most creative project, may be my best album, because of who appears on it.

I think you’ll love it, and I’m willing to give it away to get it in your hands.

You just have to cover postage, sound fair?

Where should I send it?

Views: CD
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Views: CD

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Owning a free physical copy with superior sound in your hands, is something you need! You just pay $6.00 for shipping.

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Why would anyone own a CD in 2024? Let me count the ways:  

Getting stuff in the mail is fun  
Superior sound quality  
Artwork, musicians, and liner notes  
It has value as a collectible 
Supporting the artist

Views is an eclectic exploration, incorporating jazz and symphonic elements, featuring Scott Kinsey - keyboards (Tribal Tech), Alex Acuna and Manolo Badrena - drums and percussion (Weather Report), Othello Molineaux - steel drum (Jaco Pastorius), Nicky Orta - fretless bass (Arturo Sandoval), The Philoco Quartet (Philadelphia Orchestra Musicians) and other great talents.